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DSE News

Trading Code: EXCH
Honorable Investors, Good morning! Please make your investment decision based on Company fundamentals, technical analysis, price level and disclosed information. Avoid rumor-based speculations.

Trading Code: REGL
Investors are requested to consider the following facts at the time of making investment decision in the Capital Market: 1. Without acquiring proper knowledge, information and experience regarding different aspects and matters of Capital Market, one should not invest in the Capital Market. 2. The gain or loss, whichever comes from the investment, it belongs to you. So, well - thought of investment decision based on knowledge and fundamentals of the securities may be real assistance to you. (cont.)

Trading Code: REGL
(Continuation of BSEC News - Awareness Message for Investors) 3. Do not pay any heed to rumors at the time of trading shares; it may cause loss to you. Even spreading rumor is legally prohibited. (Ref.: SEC letter no. SEC/SRMIC/2010/726 dated November 23, 2010). (end)

Trading Code: EXCH
DSE does not publish market data through any social media pages. INVESTORS should not rely on any information from an unauthorized source such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Linkedin etc. (cont.)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Continuation of DSE News): If anyone spreads information based on rumor, using patent of DSE, he/she will be held liable under Copyright Act, 2000 and it shall be treated as punishable offence under Section-17 of the Securities and Exchange Ordinance, 1969. (end)

Trading Code: EXCH
DSENEWS: All Stock Dealers, Stock Brokers and Authorized Representatives are asked to strictly follow the code of conduct as enumerated in the Second Schedule to the Securities and Exchange Commission (Stock Dealer, Stock Broker and Authorized Representative) Rules, 2000.

Trading Code: KPPL
A team of Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC. (DSE) visited the factory premises & head office of Khulna Printing & Packaging Limited on February 04, 2023 to inspect their current operational status and found closed.

Trading Code: EXCH
Reopening of private placement subscription of LB MULTI ASSET INCOME ETF by the Eligible Investors (EIs) through electronic subscription system: As per BSEC approval and subsequent application of LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited, the private placement subscription of the first ever Exchange Traded Fund at DSE, namely "LB MULTI ASSET INCOME ETF" is reopened from 10:00 a.m. of April 24, 2024 and continued till 4.30 p.m. of May 23, 2024 by the registered Eligible Investors (EIs) (cont.1)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Cont. news of DSE NEWS): through electronic subscription system of the stock exchanges. Minimum subscription amount is BDT 100,000 and maximum amount would be BDT 500,000,000. Participating EIs will be required to pay full subscription amount (100%) and subscription fee of BDT 3,000.00 (three thousand only) through United Commercial Bank PLC (A/C Name: Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited, A/C No.: 1511308000000016) in between 10:00 a.m. of April 24, 2024 to May 23, 2024 (during banking hour). (cont.2)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Cont. news of DSE NEWS): Please visit the following website for subscription related updates: (end)

Trading Code: EXCH
The subscription for shares of Techno Drugs Ltd. by General Public through Electronic Subscription System will be started from June 09, 2024 and continued till June 13, 2024. Minimum required investment for Resident Bangladeshi (RB) will be BDT 50,000 (fifty thousand only) and for Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) will be BDT 100,000 (one lakh only) as on May 30, 2024 (day-end) in matured listed securities at market price (cont.1)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Continuation of DSE NEWS): (between the close price of both Exchanges whichever is higher) which is in accordance with the BSEC consent letter to Techno Drugs Ltd. (Ref: BSEC/CI/IPO-345/2023/82, dated March 25, 2024). Minimum amount allowed for subscription for General Public would be BDT 10,000 (ten thousand) or its multiple and maximum amount would be BDT 1,000,000 (ten lakh only). The registered TREC Holders/merchant (cont.2)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Continuation of DSE NEWS): bankers have to upload the IPO application file of General Public in the Electronic Subscription System (ESS) from 10:00 AM of June 19, 2024 to 4:30 PM of June 23, 2024 and make the full payment to DSE through United Commercial Bank PLC (A/C Name: Dhaka Stock Exchange PLC., A/C No.: 1511308000000016) from 10.00 AM of June 19, 2024 to 2:00 PM of June 23, 2024 (during banking hour) from their (cont.3)

Trading Code: EXCH
(Continuation of DSE NEWS): consolidated customers' account based on total submitted applications. Exchanges shall send the list of BO accounts who have applied in the IPO to the CDBL and CDBL shall verify the list of BO accounts provided by the Exchanges regarding investment of general applicants in listed securities. Please visit the following website for subscription related updates: (end)

Trading Code: ACFL
The Company has further informed that due to unavoidable circumstances the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company as per Regulation 16(1) of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (Listing) Regulations, 2015, will be held on May 26, 2024 at 4:30 PM instead of May 21, 2024 at 4:30 PM to consider, among others, un-audited financial statements of the Company for Third Quarter (Q3) period ended March 31, 2024.

Trading Code: GREENDELT
Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB) has announced the surveillance rating of the Company as "AAA" in the long term and 'ST-1' in the short term along with Stable outlook based on audited financial statements up to December 31, 2023 and other relevant quantitative as well as qualitative information up to the date of rating declaration.

Trading Code: TB5Y0529
Trading of 05Y BGTB 15/05/2029 Government Securities will commence at DSE from today i.e., May 23, 2024 under 'A' category. DSE Trading Code is "TB5Y0529" and DSE Scrip Code is "88517". Some other salient features: 1. Issuer: Bangladesh Bank, 2. Issue price: BDT 101.8703 per bond, 3. Face value: BDT 100.00 per bond, 4. Market lot: 1000, 5. Tenure: 5 years, 6. Coupon rate: 12.40%, 7. Coupon payment frequency: 2.

Trading Code: INDEXAGRO
Refer to their earlier news disseminated by DSE on 12.12.2022, the company has further informed that the extension of raw material storage capacity by installing 02 (Two) Silos' in the tune of capacity 8,000 (Eight Thousand) Metric Tons each with automatic Loading & Unloading facilities at the Feed Mill Division, Valuka, Mymensingh has been successfully commissioned and ready for operation from May 22, 2024. It is noted that the total cost of machine & equipments for the same project is Tk. 139.80 million.

Trading Code: MTB
Refer to their earlier news disseminated by DSE on 12.12.2023, the remaining 2,171,856 shares of Late Al-Haj Syed Abul Hossain, one of the Sponsors of the company, will also be transmitted to the account of his nominees.

Trading Code: ACMELAB
The company has informed that the Board of Directors of the company passed the following decision: Approval for production of validation batch of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) project of the company at API Industrial Park, Baushia, Gazaria, Munshiganj.

Trading Code: PADMAOIL
The company has informed that since the existing Company Secretary Mr. Ali Absar will stay abroad from 19/05/2024 to 26/06/2024 to perform Holy Hajj, Mr. M.M. Mazibur Rahman will be in charge of Company Secretary in addition to his current duties. His particular is as under: Name: M.M. Mazibur Rahman, Designation: DGM (Dhaka) & Company Secretary (CC), Mobile Number: 01777703392, E-mail ID:

Trading Code: SALVOCHEM
The company has informed that the Board of Directors of the Company in its meeting held on 23-05-2024 has decided to raise Tk. 64,000,000 (Six Crore Forty Lac Only) as paid up capital through issuance of 6,400,000 no of ordinary shares of Tk. 10.00 each at Tk. 10 to the existing Sponsors and Directors through private placement against cash consideration in compliance with BSEC letter no BSEC/ICAD/SRIC/2023/257/62 dated 07 March 2024; (cont.1)

Trading Code: SALVOCHEM
(Cont. news of SALVOCHEM): subject to the approval of General Shareholders in the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission and the compliance of other requirements embodied in relevant laws and regulatory authorities concerned. Purpose of the Issue: The fund through raising of capital shall be utilized to increase working capital Tk. 4.20 Crore and modification of the production (cont.2)

Trading Code: SALVOCHEM
(Cont. news of SALVOCHEM): through import machinery Tk. 2.20 crore by L/C for uninterrupted and smooth Operation of the company. The Board of Directors of the company has also decided to change the name of the company to 'Salvo Chemical Industry PLC' from 'Salvo Chemical Industry Limited' in accordance with the provisions of the Companies Act, 1994 (amended in 2020) and to amend the related clause of the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company subject to (cont.3)

Trading Code: SALVOCHEM
(Cont. news of SALVOCHEM): approval of the regulatory authorities and the shareholders of the Company. Information regarding EGM: EGM date: 18 July 2024, Time: 11.30 a.m., Venue: EGM of the shareholders of the company will be held by using hybrid system in combination of physical presence of the shareholders at the venue: Institution of Diploma Engineers, Bangladesh, IDEB Bhaban, 160/A, Kakrail VIP Road, Dhaka- 1000, Bangladesh and online. Record date of the EGM: 20 June 2024. (end)

End of DSE News